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A Leading Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Company

Arctic Green Energy is a leading developer and operator of profitable green energy projects. We have our roots in geothermal energy development and are currently

growing into other renewable energy sectors. We build up companies within our target markets in cooperation with local partners.

Anniversary video

As a part of the 10 year anniversary, SGE puplished an introduction video that demonstrates the success of the company and it´s fight against global warming.



Sinopec Green Energy


The largest company in our portfolio is Sinopec Green Energy – a JV with China’s Sinopec – that was established in 2006.


Sinopec Green Energy has become the world’s largest geothermal district heating company – both in terms of heated floor area and customers served.


The company has built up 270 heat centrals in 23 cities/counties in China and drilled over 300 wells.  Sinopec Green Energy is a unique example of how to scale up profitable renewable green energy business in a relatively  short time.

Energy Platforms

Our expertise in the geothermal sector is based on Icelandic methods of geothermal heating and development of renewable energy

Part of our growing business is utilizing

waste heat through the Energy Management

Contract (EMC) scheme in China

Hybrid Energy Systems

The next step in geothermal development will be combining geothermal energy with other green energy sources to create hybrid renewable energy applications